The 1st installment: Shinya Tama “Saw a UFO”

I have ever seen UFOs two times.
The first one was on 19 July 2009, near Toyosu exit of Tokyo station. Thousands of people there saw the UFO at the same time, which is rare in the world. I was in an event at ‘ららぽーと豊洲(Lalaport Toyosu)’, which is near the relevant place, not as a member of ポカスカジャン(Pokasukajan): my musical comedy trio.
It was an event in the course of promoting a CD of ザ・ツイスターズ(THE TWISTARS): my band with my musical peers. After the event, I was walking toward Toyosu exit and I saw the UFO then. This incident was reviewed on the front page of Tokyo Sport newspaper, and it appeared on ‘ビートたけしの超常現象スペシャル’: a Japanese TV program which covers the occults.
The second time I saw a UFO was on 23 Jan 2014, in Naha city, Okinawa. It was while I was performing as ザ・ツイスターズ. This UFO incident appeared on a news program next day.

Mysteriously, both times, I was playing a specific song of my band, ザ・ツイスターズ. I wrote the song, and I can not help thinking that the song has curious power that calls UFOs with its words, scale, sound frequency or something like those though I was not aiming while writing.
I would like to sincerely ask you to tell me if you have an experience that you saw a UFO while playing a song, or if you know such songs that may have power to call UFOs. Don’t you think that it will be wonderful if there is a musical festival full of such songs, and we succeed in calling UFOs? I believe it can help the venue area boost its development. You can either send a message to me or to the editorial office. I am looking forward to your contact. How wonderful the festival sounds!


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